Many thanks to my husband Guil who has enthusiastically searched graveyards with me for over twenty years. His advice, suggestions and counsel have been invaluable. Thanks to my daughters, Sarah, Annie and Susan and my son, John, for occasionally searching through the tombstones with me. Thanks particularly to John for his help with fonts and stylesheets for my computer. He is the soul of patience.

I have been helped with gifts of photographs from many members of the Chandler and Otis families. My aunt, May Goodan, gave me several little books of photographs which I have drawn on for the snapshots of the young Chandler, McPherron and Booth cousins. My cousin, Nancy Bybee supplied me with pictures of her grandparents. David Leaf's loan of his Civil War diary of Harrison Gray Otis was a particular delight. Steven Thal's photographs of St. Paul's Island added a new dimension to Eliza's letter to her Missionary Circle in Santa Barbara.

Over the years I have been aided immeasurably by the staff of the History Center at the Los Angeles Times. Lois Markwith and Carolyn Strickler have now retired, but they were enthusiastic and responsive to my requests for many years. Craig St. Clair has been very helpful with his suggestions, and with the loan of important photographs.

Thanks to my friend Annamarie Mitchell for her help with proofreading. I had ceased to see anything, when she took over.