Heagan Family - The First Three Generations

The Heagan family traces its ancestry to Forgus Hagan, an Irish immigrant, who appeared in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts in the 1730s. The name is spelled variously Hagan, Higgins, Heggen, Haygen, and Haggens, as well as several other ways. Forgus and his brother, Tilley, were traders, who bought land in Georgetown and Scarborough, Maine. Georgetown was a part of York County, Massachusetts until 1760, so it is difficult to trace the records to find out exactly where the families lived.

Evidently Forgus was an inn keeper in Scarborough in 1744, and became the town assessor that year. He was elected selectman in 1752, and constable in 1764. From 1752 to 1777 he sold most of his property and he died late in 1777.

Our descent is through his son, Thomas Hagan, who most probably was born in Ireland about 1730. Thomas declared his intention to marry Mary Holland on December 6, 1754 in Georgetown, Maine. Thomas bought a farm at Robin Hood Cove in 1760 from the proprietors of the Kennebec Company, and the family lived there for well over one hundred years. The Hagans had nine children: James, Hannah, John, Mary, Thomas, Anna, Catherine, David and Richard. We are descended from the youngest child, Richard, who was born in February, 1776, in Georgetown.

Richard pledged his intention to marry Abigail Mahoney on September 5, 1800 in Georgetown. Abigail was descended from another Irish family that had settled two generations before in Sagadahoc County, Maine. Her father was James and her grandfather was Patrick Mahony. Her mother, for whom she was named was Abigail Heal, the daughter of Peter and Deborah Heal.

The name Mahoney was also spelled Mehanny, Meehony, and Mahany.

Georgetown, Maine
Georgetown, Maine

             ┌── Forgus HAGAN
         ┌── Thomas HAGAN, b. circa 1730, d. between 1800 and 1810
         │   └── Sarah (__________)
     ┌── Richard HAGAN, b. 1776
     │   └── Mary HOLLAND
Mary Nye HAGAN, b. 1801, d. 1879
     │       ┌── Patrick MAHONEY, b. circa 1720, d. circa 1748
     │   ┌── James MAHONEY, b. 1747, d. 1832
     │   │   └── Jane GRASE OR GRACE
     └── Abigail MAHONEY, b. 1781
         │       ┌── Peter HEAL, b. circa 1702, d. 1748
         │   ┌── Peter HEAL
         │   │   └── Miriam HASKELL, b. circa 1704
         └── Abigail HEAL
             └── Deborah (__________)