Kimball Little

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Kimball Little was born January 8, 1815 in Warren, Grafton County, New Hampshire, the youngest son of Amos Little and Elizabeth Kimball Little. He was the thirteenth child and eighth son to be born to the couple, who had moved from Plaistow, Rockingham County to Warren in 1789. Two of his brothers, James and Amos, and one sister, Dolly, died in November of 1815, of the spotted fever that struck Warren with deadly force. From the description of the rapidity of the illness's spread and the appearance of the corpses this was most probably murine typhus. After two doctors from neighboring towns had been struck down with the pestilence, physicians refused to come to Warren to treat the sick. It must have been a frightening year for the entire family. The writer of the History of Warren recalls that "those who recovered were almost invariably deaf, and there was a good deal of loud talk in town for years after."

In 1839 on February 27, when he was 24 years old, Amos married Elvira Currier from the neighboring town of Canaan, NH. Elvira, who was 27, was the daughter of Joshua and Mary Farrington Currier. She was born on New Years Eve 1811, the fourth of eight children. Her father died when she was only five and three of the other children died in the next four years, which must have made hers a rather unhappy childhood.
The Littles moved to Lisbon where they would farm and raise their family. Their first child, Albert, was born May 4, 1840, and enlisted as a private in Company H, Ninth Regiment of the New Hampshire Infantry on August 13, 1862. He was promoted to Corporal on November 22, and was wounded slightly at Fredericksburg. The following year he died on August 19, 1863 while on board a transport ship on the Ohio River.

Emma Jane was born May 29, 1844, and at the age of 18, married Moses Knight Chandler on August 27, 1862. She lived until April 7, 1937, when she died aged 92 in her daughter's home in San Fernando, California.

William Edwin was born January 7, 1846, and married Annie Hall on November 27, 1879. There is a note in one of my files that states he was "slightly balmy."

Moses Kimball was born July 1, 1848. James Currier was born September 7, 1854 and only lived until September 5, 1856.

Kimball Little died December 14, 1874 of typhoid fever. His wife died December 6, 1877. They are buried with their son James in the Salmon Hole Cemetery a few miles above Lisbon on the road to Littleton.

Kimball Little Elvira (Currier) Little Salmon Hole Cemetery sign
Kimball Little Elvira (Currier) Little Salmon Hole Cemetery
Salmon Hole Cemetery overview Tombstone of Kimball Little Tombstone of Elvira (Currier) Little
Salmon Hole Cemetery overview Tombstone of Kimball Little Tombstone of Elvira (Currier) Little