The first boat of immigrants to arrive in New England was the Mayflower. It landed in November 1620. Subsequent immigrants who arrived before 1650 are grouped together as "Second Boat Ancestors." Harry Chandler, through his father, Moses Knight Chandler and his mother, Emma Jane Little Chandler is descended from many men and women who immigrated to America in the seventeenth Century. I have identified over one hundred and twenty of these Second Boat ancestors.

Harry Chandler was a ninth generation descendant of William Chandler, the immigrant ancestor. He would be identified this way: Harry 9, Moses Knight 8, Joseph 7, Ezra 6, Seth 5, Joseph 4, Joseph 3, John 2, William 1. Emma Jane was an eighth generation descendant of the immigrant George Little. She is identified as Emma Jane 8, Kimball 7, Amos 6, James 5, Samuel 4, Tristram 3, Moses 2, George 1.

William Chandler settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, which is now a section of Boston. William's son, John, left Roxbury and went west to establish the community of New Roxbury (later called Woodstock, Connecticut). Our Chandlers would stay there for five generations, until they moved to Landaff, Grafton county, New Hampshire, over one hundred and fifty miles to the north.

As the original settlements grew crowded, groups of families were sent to establish new towns. These communities were governed by town meetings, and local decisions were carried out by the Selectmen elected at these meetings. The towns were erected around the village green with the meetinghouse established first, both for church services and for the town meetings. Each inhabitant was assigned a lot for a homestead.

George Little settled in Newbury, Massachusetts to the north of Boston. His family would stay there for four generations before moving to Atkinson, New Hampshire, about twenty miles to the west. From there they would move to the new community of Warren, Grafton County, New Hampshire, ninety miles to the northwest in the mountainous center of the state.

Both the Chandler and Little families stayed close to the soil. They were all primarily farmers, although they developed individual skills and became joiners or tanners or masons. None of them ever moved to the city until Harry Chandler convinced his parents that they should come to Los Angeles. He had amazed his family with his new ideas. They realized very early that Harry "thinks big." When he entered Dartmouth in the fall of 1882, he was the first member of the family to go to college.

I am going to briefly describe the lives of Harry, his parents, and grandparents. For a description of Harry's business career, I am copying the entry in the Dictionary of American Biography that was assembled from many sources by Glenn S. Dumke and Judson A. Grenier.

I will not write anything about Marian Otis and her family in this book, but will leave that to my next effort, which I plan to complete in two years time. Marian's family background is very similar to her husband's, in that her ancestors are all English, and they all arrived early in New England. She has two Mayflower passengers in her ancestry as well.

In the second section of this book, I concentrate on the families of Harry's four grandparents and mention those ancestors about whom I know something - typically six or seven generations back to the immigrant ancestor. The Chandlers and Littles had an amazingly similar background, and Moses and Emma were fifth cousins, although they almost surely were unaware of it. Every known ancestor was English except for possibly one Irishman, William Durgy, whose name was changed to Durkee in the 1750s.

William Dole and Mary Brocklebank
Hannah Dole & Robert Greenough
Jane Dole & Joseph Noyes
Daniel Greenough & Mary Allen
(1st cousins)
Dorothy Noyes & Samuel Little
Hannah Greenough & Moses Merrill
(2nd cousins)
Sarah Little & Benjamin Kimball
Hannah Merrill & Ebenezer Clark
(3rd cousins)
Betsey Kimball & Amos Little
Rosanna Clark & Joseph Chandler
(4th cousins)
Kimball Little & Elvira Currier
Moses Knight Chandler
(5th cousins)
Emma Jane Little
Harry Chandler
(5th cousin
once removed )