The Scott Family - The First Generation

William Scott, who arrived in New York in 1812, was the first member of the Scott family in the United States We do know a little bit about his father and mother in Hawick, Scotland, and his brothers and sister in Lyons, Fulton County, Ohio. It would be interesting if we could discover the identity of some cousins in this branch of the family, since there were many of them living in the past century.

Walter Scott, his father, was born in 1761 in Parkhill, Roberton, Roxboroughshire, Scotland, the son of William Scott and Margaret Hobkirk Scott. He married Elizabeth Biggar, the daughter of John Biggar and Margaret Cunningham Biggar. Elizabeth was born on November 21, 1762 in Wilton, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Walter and Elizabeth had eleven children: Margaret (1785), Catherine (1789), William (1789), John (1791), Robert (1793), Peggy (1794), Charles (1797), Walter (1799), Sarah (1805), and Sarah (1807).

Margaret, who moved to Ohio and married William Smith, died October 3, 1867. Her brother William, our ancestor, had died earlier the same year on February 10. Robert also moved to Lyons, Ohio. Elizabeth, who married Joseph Renwick, died in Hawick on May 31, 1865. Sarah, who married Richard Purdie, died in Hawick on April 16, 1888. It is presumed that most of the others died young since we have found no record of them.

Walter Scott died on March 22, 1843 in Dovemount, Wilton, Roxburghshire, and we have the funeral announcement that his widow mailed out to her friends. She died the following year on July 1, 1844 in Dovemount.