The Sturgis & Ewing Families

Though there has been considerable research done on the Sturgis family in Maryland and in neighboring Delaware, we have been unable to go further back in time than Charles Edmund Sturgis's father, Samuel Sturges, who died just a year after his son was born. In Samuel Sturgis's will he appointed Edmund Lynch to be the executor of his estate. Charles named his second son Edmond Lynch Sturges, leading to the conclusion that he might be a relative, possibly a brother to Charles's mother, Martha. There has been no positive proof to bear out this conclusion.


Louisa Ewing's family has been equally hard to pursue. Her father, Alexander Ewing was born in Pennsylvania, probably about 1753. He served in the War of the Revolution under Captain William Griffith in a company of scouts. He later married Charlotte Griffith, the brother of William Griffith, in 1790 in Avon Springs, Livingston, New York. The Ewings lived in Big Tree, New York for the first years of their married life; Sophia Charlotte and Charles Wayne were born there; they lived in Monroe, Michigan from 1801 to 1808: William G., Alexander H., George W. and two babies named Harriet were born there; their last two children, Lovina and Louisa were born in Miami County, Ohio.

Alexander owned considerable real estate in Fort Wayne, Indiana when he died there on January 1, 1827. His wife lived on in Fort Wayne until March 18, 1843. The Ewings are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, with a most impressive monument: a forty foot obelisk of marble which towers over the entire cemetery.