Alexander Beck

Alexander Beck is said to have been born in Grey Abbey, County Down, in the north of Ireland. His ancestors were originally from Scotland. He was married to Ann Mc Culloch, and they had five children: James, born in 1816; Mary; William, born in 1819; Isabella, and Margaret. Gathering their children, the family made the long and arduous trip to the New World, emigrating to New Brunswick, Canada, where they stayed for two years, before coming to the United States in either 1826 or 1828.

The family lived in New York City, where Alexander became a naturalized citizen on November 9, 1837. All five children lived to adulthood and married. It is not known when either Alexander or Ann died or where they are buried.

James married Margaret Graham and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn across from the graves of the Scott family with several of their children: Sarah, Isabella, Orcilla and Edwin. Mary married Samuel Hay. William married Ann Elizabeth Cornelius, lived in New York, and had a farm in Coldenham, New York, close to Montgomery where they and their children are buried in Good Will Cemetery. Isabella married John Vol Dolson. Margaret married Nathaniel Barr and lived in Newburg, New York.

There is a picture of young Margery Beck visiting this elderly couple about 1908.