John Burkhart Scott

John Burkhart Scott, the son of William Scott and Elizabeth Roos Scott was born in New York City at 102 Hudson Street on January 14, 1832, the ninth and youngest child in the family. His two older brothers, Walter and William had died as infants, so he grew up in a household with six older sisters, Mary, Eliza, Sarah, Gertrude, Margaret, Henrietta, and Charlotte.

John Scott married Cora Martin, the eldest daughter of Augustus Martin and Lydia Maria Benner Martin of Barrytown, New York, in 1860. They lived in New York City at 258 W. 24th Street close to his father's home at 224 W. 34th Street, where his three unmarried sisters, Margaret, Mary and Charlotte also lived. The Scotts had nine children, six of whom lived to adulthood.

The first, William, was born June 19, 1862. He married Emma Douglas and had two children, Kenneth, who died at the age of 2; and Cora, who died at age 13. Her inscription at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is "An Amiable Child." He died August 21, 1937; Emma died November 16, 1946. They are all buried in the Scott plot in Green-Wood.

Marion Maria was born and died in 1864. She is buried with her great-grandparents, the Benners, in Red Hook, New York at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery.
Cora Martin was born August 8, 1865, married Theodore Lewis Beck on February 19, 1891 at the 34th Street Reformed Church and died in Summit, New Jersey of tuberculosis on February 13, 1913. She is buried with her husband and children in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

Augustus Martin known as Martin, was born August 24, 1868 and died January 9, 1899.

Arthur was born September 20, 1870 and died May 11, 1900 of peritonitis after an emergency appendectomy. He was a realtor and a skillful amateur photographer.

John Roos was born July 29, 1872 and died March 19, 1878 during a diphtheria epidemic.

Kenneth was born August 5, 1874 and died March 28, 1878 during the same diphtheria epidemic. The doctor is said to have refused to care for the other children in the family after this tragic occurrence.

Allan was born in 1878 and lived until 1954. He married Mary Madeleine Van Cleve who died as a young woman and as a second wife, Bessie Hoffman, whose sister Katherine Hoffman Holman, was the mother of Midge Holman Del Bane, an old friend of the Babcock family. Allan and Bessie had one child, Malcolm Scott who had three children, Betsy, Marilyn and Charles (Sonny.) Mary Madeleine Van Cleve, his first wife, is buried at Greenwood.

The ninth child, Winifred was born in 1879, and lived until 1939. She married J. Bruce Ferguson, had two daughters, Marion, who married Samuel Walsh and had Peter and Lawrence; and Marjorie, who married Richard Carleton. Both sisters died in a house fire in Arizona.

In the obituary in the New York Tribune it says: "John B. Scott, when only a young man, formed a partnership in the dry goods business with John B. Hall, in Park Place. The firm prospered, but was dissolved in 1874. Mr. Scott then entered the banking house of J & J. Stuart, No. 3 Nassau St. as cashier, and he held this place, until January 1st last, when he gave it up owing to the retirement of Robert W. Stuart, the only surviving member of the firm. Mr. Scott was well known to the older residents of the city and had many friends in financial and business circles. He was a member of the 34th St. Reformed Church and of the St. Andrew's Society. His house was filled with rare oil paintings and his judgment was often sought by purchasers of works of art."

John Burkhart Scott died on April 6, 1893 of congestion of the lungs and heart failure brought on by malaria. He is buried with his wife and children, William, Martin, Arthur, John Roos, Kenneth, and his daughters-in-law, Emma and Mary Madeleine at the Scott plot in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York with his father, mother, two brothers and three sisters.

Cora lived for twenty five years after her husband died, dying in New York City on September 3, 1918.