Ancestral Burial Places


Llansamlet, Glamorgan Churchyard - Cornelius family

William and Elizabeth (Rees) Cornelius' great great granddaughters, Margery Beck and Dorothy (Beck) Babcock, visited the Llansamlet graveyard in 1953 and took these photos.

William Cornelius & sons Cornelius and Morgon
"In memory of Cornelius the son of William and Elizabeth Cornelius of the parish died the 22nd of May aged 2 years Also Morgan, the son of the above named died the 15th of January 1796 aged 1 year and 5 months Also the above William Cornellius died October 16th 1827 aged 77 years."

Here, Margery & Dorothy are looking at stones of relatives. It looks like the original stones would be easy to read, as they are clearly carved. However, trying to decypher off small photos is difficult. Between the two of them, here are some of the words that can be read:

The stone on the left:
Sacred to the Memory
____ son of John and
Ann Cornelius of this ___
___ died May the ___
[note, he died in May 1838 in other sources]
aged 30 years
[more unreadable lines]
John Cornelius was born
May ___ _86_ [1786? 186_?] died ___ 1873

[note the father John is the son of William & Elizabeth (Rees) Cornelius]

The stone on the right:
___ Memory of Sarah
___ Thomas Rees ___
___ ___ years
Thomas son of the above
___ died August 30th 17__
Aged 23 [13] years
Also BENJAMIN their son
who died April 19, 1824
___ 39 years
The above THOMAS died
aged Sept 7th 1827
87 years

Not sure where they fit into the family of Elizabeth (Rees) Cornelius, but an 1838 letter by a relative refers to a cousin Thomas Rees.

The idea for this web page project was sparked by a trip planned to Ancestral Burial Places.

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