Ancestral Burial Places

Sunday, 24 Jun 1951
San Gabriel Cemetery, San Gabriel California
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San Gabriel Cemetery 1

San Gabriel Cemetery 2

[top] "Mother standing under the Magnolia tree which marks the corner of the cemetery property which we acquired this year for the Garland Family Plot. The present roadway in the rear of the picture has been torn up, and will be made into grass, and the lot will extend from curb to curb, and as far back as the curbing seen on the graves plot behind mother."

[bottom] "Mother and Bill standing just east of the Graves Family Plot. The Garland Plot will adjoin this to the left of where they are standing, and run from the far side of the elley curbing to the cross street in the distance."

[card not attached to a picture] "similar work has been done on the roadway in the left corner of this picture."


The idea for this web page project was sparked by a trip planned to Ancestral Burial Places.

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